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The Matterhorn Inn is located in a great location; the heart of Southern Vermont. Our location provides a distraction free environment for your next group event. Our facilities include a conference room, a restaurant in house, plenty of rooms, parking for many and space for buses. We pride ourselves on creating a pleasant and friendly atmosphere and all the staff have a "sure we could" attitude.
By choosing the Matterhorn you are able to put together a meal, lodging, and activity package that suits your needs. We offer competitive pricing in the Deerfield Valley and work closely with local organizations, such as the Mount Snow Chamber of Commerce, to be able to offer you only the best local and long distance excursions for your group.


Covered Bridge Tours
  • Windham County Covered Bridge Tour
  • Bennington County Covered Bridge Tour
  • Sunset Picnic Basket Tour

    Kids Love em, Parents Love ‘em, Everybody Love’s ‘em 
    They’re Vermont’s Covered Bridges

    Covered Bridges are scattered through out the state of Vermont. Some of the bridges are used by motorists, pedestrians, or just photographers. Each bridge has its own character and style due to the time it had been built and purposes for which they were built for.

    Many of the bridges have been built with solid walls or Town style trusses to cross rivers or even to ski under. No matter how they were built or when they were built, hands down they interesting to photograph, fun as can be to drive through and well worth talking about once visited. We invite you to take the following tours and see a piece of New England History preserved in the Green Mountains.

    It was once said that just 'like no two snowflake are the same, no two covered bridges were built the same'.

    Southern Vermont gives you the opportunity to visit, relive and learn about 20 of the 107 covered bridges in the state of Vermont today.

    So why are there so many covered bridges in Vermont?

    These tours show you some of the fabulous things there are to see located just off the beaten path. It allows you to step into a piece of New England History and educate you on the life styles and traditions of the ones who have live here before us. These tours will take you all over Southern Vermont and their neighboring foothills with their scenic views, hairpin turns, plenty of brooks and stream crossings and vintage country stores that just haven’t lost there scent of authenticity. All Tours have been designed to leave directly from the Matterhorn Inn and stop at some of our favorite places which we would love you share with you and your friends or family.

  • Windham County Covered Bridge Tour
  • Bennington County Covered Bridge Tour
  • Sunset Picnic Basket Tour


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